Men's Unlimited Division:
1st Place (808) - Jody Wilson, NTU
2nd Place (789) - Eric Holiday, NTU
3rd Place (766) - Raylan Tallsalt, NTU

Men's Traditional Division:
1st Place (717) - Reuben Kee, Flagstaff, AZ
2nd Place (685) - Alton Henderson, Greenly, CO
3rd Place (575) - Andrew Ned, NAU Archery Coach

Men's Barebow:
1st Place (554) - Raul Campos Marquetti, Albuquerque, NM
2nd Place (530) - Nilsson Wood, NTU
3rd Place (404) - Franco Begay, NTU

Senior Men's Unlimited:
1st Place (839) -Jerome Smith

Women's Unlimited:
1st Place (802) - Shayna Secody, NTU
2nd Place (725) - Wynona Wilson, NTU

Women's Traditional:
1st Place (605) - Cheyenne Robertson, NTU
2nd Place (464) - Nicole Wilson, NTU

Youth Unlimited:
1st Place (609) - Jayden Thompson
2nd Place (544) - Jace Begay
3rd Place (117) - Haylei Redhouse

Cubs Unlimited:
1st Place (495) - Thyde Burnside
2nd Place (259) - Bradley Redhouse
3rd Place (102) - Octavia Redhouse


To all,

The Cross Country Trail Run has been Change from August 14, 2019 to August 20, 2019 at 4 pm at NTU Crownpoint Campus.

Loren Tsosie, Shalii White, Joel Yazzie, Talmadge Begay, and Tamara Clyde place 1st at the Shiprock Team relay in Shiprock Marathon 2019

Coach Lee did a great job with team.

Skyhawk Athletics

NTU teams have goals to place in their conference, regional, and national championships in a variety of sports. Winning teams have become a tradition at NTU in both men’s and women’s sports. Community support for intercollegiate athletics at NTU has been outstanding. The caliber of coaching, the quality of uniforms and equipment, the training and medical facilities, and the opportunity to play against good competition are superior. NTU Athletic Programs aspire to the highest level of intercollegiate competition, sportsmanship and academic excellence through the University mission.

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