November 10, 2018
Albuquerque, NM

Cheyenne Robertson – 239 recurve Olympic won Gold
Wynonna Wilson – 288 women bow hunter won Gold
Jared Pino – 276 men bow hunter won Silver
Gilbert Benally – 284 men open
Nelson Wood – 168 Men bare bow won Gold

NTU Men and Women at USCAA National Championship event on November 9, 2018 in Virginia Beach, VA
Clifford Andersen earned 2nd team All American coming in 12th overall. Clifford ran a great race.
We are proud of the men and women team. I want to thank Coach Lee for helping our runners run very well.

Men Team:
Clifford Andersen placed 12 with a time 27.59
Iddrisu Osman placed 67 with a time 32.15
Beveno Yazzie placed 71 with a time 32.44
Joel Yazzie placed 72 with a time 32.44
Loren Tsosie placed 91 with a time 34.26

Women Team:
Shalii White placed 33 with a time 29.19
Hunter Livingston placed 50 with a time 31.55
Christanne Clyde placed 59 with a time 34.10
Gianina Chee placed 63 with a time 37.42
Dainelle Morgan place 65 with a time 38.48

September 27, 2018
Las Cruces, NM

NTU Team
Placed 7th - Jared Pino(Steer Wrestling) 11 seconds
Placed 3rd - Erik Becenti (Team roping)
Placed 6th - Nolan Burnside & Kyra Capitan (Team Roping)
NTU Men team placed 5th in NMSU Rodeo
NTU Women team placed 3rd in NMSU Rodeo

September 28 – 29, 2018
Douglas, AZ

Long-Go: Jared Pino - 2nd place (time of 5.1) 50 points
Short-Go: Jared Pino – 6th place (time of 10.9) 10 points
3rd Place Average with a total of 100 points

Team Roping
Long-Go: Tyson Charley placed 10th
Short-Go: His heeler missed

Long-Go: Eric Becenti placed 3rd with 6.9 had 40 points
Short-Go: Eric Becenti placed 3rd with 9.6 had 40 points
1st place Average with 140 points
NTU Men team 240 points placed 5th in Rodeo

The NTU Rodeo Team is off this weekend.

September 14 & 15, 2018
Tsaile, AZ

NTU Team
4th year - Tyson Charley (TR Heeler) & Jared Pino (SW)
3rd year - Erick Becenti (TD & TR Heeler) & Nolan Burnside (TR Header)
1st year - Lyle Billy (Bulls) & Kyra Capitan (TR Heeler)

Erick Becenti's calf was a tricky one - No time

Team Roping
Long-Go: Tyson Charlet heeled for NMSU Landon Prouty - 6th place (time of 10.3) points for the school
Erick Becenti had a fast steer - No time
Nolan Burnside roped it close to half way down the arena for his heeler, Kyra Capitan. Kyra had trouble and missed it - No time
Short Go: Tyson Charley and header - No time
Average: Tyson Charley and header - 7th place (points only up to 6th place)

Long-Go: Jared Pino - 4th place (time of 17.1) 30 points for the school
Short-Go: No time steer did not run
Average: Jared Pino - 4th place 30 points for the school

No qualified rides at all

Overall Individual - Jared Pino 60pts Individual - Tyson Charley 10pts Team Points - 70 pts


NTU Men and Women Cross Country ran at Embry – Riddle on September 15, 2018 in Prescott, AZ.

Men Team:
Clifford Andersen placed 11 with a time 31.24
Loren Tsosie placed 29 with a time 39.11
Joel Yazzie placed34 with a time 42.52

Women Team: Shalii White placed 14 with a time 26.26
Hunter Livingston placed 23 with a time 28.46
Christanne Clyde placed 27 with a time 33.09

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Skyhawk Athletics

NTU teams have goals to place in their conference, regional, and national championships in a variety of sports. Winning teams have become a tradition at NTU in both men’s and women’s sports. Community support for intercollegiate athletics at NTU has been outstanding. The caliber of coaching, the quality of uniforms and equipment, the training and medical facilities, and the opportunity to play against good competition are superior. NTU Athletic Programs aspire to the highest level of intercollegiate competition, sportsmanship and academic excellence through the University mission.

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