2018 West Region Indoor Intercollegiate Archery Championship, University of California-Irvine, Irvine, CA January 27, 2018

Bowhunter - Men (120 arrows at 18m)
Bronze-#40 Antone, Ethan: 272, 265, 248, 265 = 1050
#42 Holiday, Ivan: 257, 251, 256, 267 = 1031

Bowhunter - Women (120 arrows at 18m)
Gold-#46 Secody, Shayna: 210, 232, 227, 212 = 881
Silver-#47 Wisdom, Shareana: 233, 200, 211, 232 = 876

Basic Bow - Men (120 arrows at 18m)
Silver- #11 Jones, Keanu: 184, 168, 139, 126 = 617
Bronze- #23 Dennison, Seth: 68, 38, 35, 73 = 214
#24 Ruballos, Maverick: 29, 64, 47, 27 = 167

Basic Bow - Women (120 arrows at 18m)
Bronze-#16 Johnson, Darreth 98, 112, 79, 97 = 386
#23 Wilson, Nicole 26, 40, 44, 75 = 185

We are proud of our team!

men team pic


Here are the results from our NTU Cross Country Team from Nationals event November 10, 2017. The Men team placed 18th in Nationals and Women team placed 12th in Nationals.


  • Clifford Andersen - 31:18
  • Pashen Quintana - 31:41
  • Iddrisu Osman - 33:06
  • Kevin Bia - 35:17
  • Matthew Todecheenie - 36:17
  • Joel Yazzie - 37:08


  • Felicia Chischilly - 29:45
  • Shalii White - 30:24
  • Wynona Wilson - 36:03
  • Emmalena Todecheenie - 44:11
  • Shaylene Paul - 46:06

women team pic

Navajo Technical University has two All Academic All Americans: Pashen Quintana and Shaylene Paul.

Shaylene Paul

Pashen Quintana

We are proud of our Cross Country Team.

Crownpoint, NM — On November 10, 2017, Navajo Technical University Skyhawks will travel to Virginia Beach, Virginia to compete in the United States Collegiate Athletic Association Cross Country Championships. Each year, teams from across the country compete to earn accolades in the race and as all- academics. The Skyhawks will have the opportunity again this year and the teams have been preparing for this race all season long.

This year’s men and women cross country teams have been training hard for this year’s championship and we are excited to show our competitiveness,” said Athletic Director George LeFrance. “Our student athletes have showed their discipline on the field and most importantly in the classroom.”


Head Coach Tyson Ramone oversees both teams and has a dedicated team who are enthusiastic about this year’s championship race. "The teams have put countless hours of running and weight lifting/training that has led to the National Championships.” Said Coach Ramone. “This is the meet that determines where we stand as a program against other east coastal schools, a majority of the Skyhawk runners are freshman and they deserve to win a national title"

The Skyhawk men’s team who will be competing are; Clifford Anderson, Mathew Todacheenie, Kevin Bia, Joel Yazzie, Pashen Quintana, and Iddrissu Osman. On the field for the women are; Felicia Chischilly, Emmalena Todacheenie, Wynona Wilson, Shaylene Paul, Shalii White, and Kristen Chiquito.

Last year, the team competed at the championships with Chelsey Largo and Wilsonya Clay earning all-academic team honors. The 8K race features top runners of the USCAA, the Skyhawks are aiming high and would like best their past results in the national competition. With over 25 teams at the championship race, the Skyhawks represent one of the two institutions from the Navajo Nation.

Mesalands College Rodeo Results
Here are the results from our NTU Rodeo Team this past weekend at the Mesalands College Rodeo on October 13 - 14, 2017.

  • Jay Becenti and Shawn Murphy Jr. placed 6th with a 7.4 seconds in Long Go in Team Roping.
  • Jay Becenti and Shawn Murphy Jr. placed 3rd 10.1 seconds in Short Go in Team Roping.
  • Jay Becenti and Shawn Murphy Jr. placed 3rd with 17.5 seconds in overall in Team Roping
  • Men Team placed 3rd with points 190
  • Julana Begay placed 5th 3.6 seconds in Long Go in Calf Roping
  • Women Team had 5 points.

We are proud of our Rodeo Team.


Mesa Thunderbird Cross Country Event Results
Here are the results from our NTU Cross Country Team from Mesa Thunderbird event on October 7, 2017

Men Women
Clifford Andersen - 31:52 Felicia Chischilly - 26:04
Pashen Quintana - 32:05 Wynona Wilson - 29:39
Matthew Todecheenie - 37:47 Emmalena Todecheenie - 34:40
Joel Yazzie - 40:08  

Good luck to our NTU Cross Country Team this weekend. They will be traveling to Gilbert, AZ to compete in Redhawk Invite October 21, 2017. We are proud of our Cross Country Team.


Archery National Championship Results
Here are the results from our NTU Archery Team from USCAA 3D National Championship October 6 – 8, 2017.

Bowhunter Men
Ethan Antone Placed 35th with 335 points
Derrick Morgan Placed 51th with 296 points
Matthew Coan Placed 55th with 291 points
Ivan Holiday Placed 56th with 289 points

Bowhunter Men Team
Ethan Antone, Matthew Coan, and Derrick Morgan placed 7th

Recurve Men
Mavrerick Ruballos Placed 9th with 151 points

Skyhawk Athletics

NTU teams have goals to place in their conference, regional, and national championships in a variety of sports. Winning teams have become a tradition at NTU in both men’s and women’s sports. Community support for intercollegiate athletics at NTU has been outstanding. The caliber of coaching, the quality of uniforms and equipment, the training and medical facilities, and the opportunity to play against good competition are superior. NTU Athletic Programs aspire to the highest level of intercollegiate competition, sportsmanship and academic excellence through the University mission.

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