Navajo Technical University

NTU Wellness Center

NTU Wellness Center

Our Mission

NTU promotes wellness of the body, mind, and spirit, and tangibly supports a culture in which all community members understand, value, and make healthy lifestyle choices.

Eligibility for Wellness Program

The Wellness Department at NTU includes the (for students, faculty & staff, and community). We strive to support the NTU community with access to wellness related programs, and to provide facilities for fitness activities. Youth under 16 years old age must have a parent/guardian with them in the Wellness Center. Everyone in the Wellness Center must sign in and out each day. Use of the NTU Wellness Center requires enrollment in the Wellness Program and follow the Wellness Center Rules and Policies.

Fall/Spring Hours
Monday thru Thursday
8AM to 9PM
Court Closed 11AM to 12PM for class
8AM to 5PM
NTU Fall/Spring Break and Summer Hours
Monday thru Friday
9AM to 5PM


Any questions to request of Wellness Center please email:

George LaFrance
Wellness Center Manager/Athletic Director

Basketball and Volleyball Courts

NTU Wellness Center Court

Our Court

Our wood court is state of the art. We have activities going on daily.


Closed 10AM to 11AM Tues/Thur for NTU Day Care
Closed 11AM to 12PM Tues/Thur for Class

Family Hour in the NTU Wellness Center
Youth hours (ages 6 to 17) that are with their parent/guardian in Wellness Center (gym area only) (4pm to 5pm) (Monday thru Friday).

After 5pm all youth under 18 must leave the Wellness Center.

* Wellness Center Hours are subject to change *

Cardio & Weights

We have state of the art equipment for your needs. We also have television screens in the cardio area. We have a fitness challenge for those that ask for it. Please make sure to sign in at the weight room area and enjoy!

No one under the age of 18 is allowed in the Weight Room area.
This is a safety issue for the Youth.

Any questions Please email Wellness Center Manager/Athletic Director, George LaFrance

Thank you!


Lockers & Amenities

We have lockers and showers in the locker room area. You are welcome to bring your lock for your personal items. NTU Wellness Center is not responsible for lost items.

If you do use a locker, at the end of week please take your lock and personal items out of locker.

Email Athletic Director George LaFrance

Thank you