Douglas AZ - Navajo Technical University Rodeo team's first Rodeo of the year starts at the Cochise College Rodeo on September 25-26 in Douglas Arizona. The Rodeo will gassemble rodeo athletes from colleges and universities who are members of the Grand Canyon Region of the National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association.

NTU Rodeo athletes on the 2021-2022 roster include returning athletes Matthew Jodie, Kyra Capitan. The team introduces a freshmen group, Kelvin Capitan team roping, Fiona Martinez and LaBelle LaFrance will compete in breakaway roping and goat tying .NTU Rodeo team’s new addition, who have previous college Rodeo experience, are Rooster Yazzie and Hiyo Yazzie who compete in Team Roping, Steer Wrestling, and tie down roping, and Bullrider Milton James.

"I'm looking forward to this year, this is a pretty good team. All the members have pulled through the junior and high school rodeo ranks. It's time for the college rodeo. They are doing their best right now, which puts them in the best place for the next. The more events they enter, the more points we get and that puts us in good overall school standings. I expect a good outcome from my team this semester.” said NTU Rodeo Coach Nicole Pino.

With the rodeo season off to a promising start the team will also be preparing for the upcoming scheduled rodeos. NTU Rodeo team will be scheduled to compete at Mesalands October 9 & 10, and NSMU on October 30. We wish our cowboys and cowgirls safe travels and the best of luck in their respective events. Go Skyhawks!

Friday, April 9, 2021
Ladies Breakaway: McKayla Jodie & Kyra Capitan both received no times.
Steerwrestling: 1st place Matthew Jodie threw his steer in 7.1 seconds. Received 145 points.
Team Roping: 5th place Matthew Jodie & Mckayla Jodie with a 10.6. Received 69 points. Kyra Capitan's header missed, and they received no time.
Total points: Mens 214 pts, Womens 69 pts.


Saturday, April 10, 2021
Ladies Breakaway: 15th place McKayla Jodie roped her calf quick, but broke the barrier 12.7 seconds (2.7 plus 10 for breaking the barrier). Kyra Capitan roped her calf but received no time.
Steerwrestling: Split 4th place Matthew Jodie threw his steer in 9.7 seconds. Received 78.5 points.
Team Roping: Matthew Jodie & Mckayla Jodie received a no time. Kyra Capitan's header missed, and they received no time.
Total points: Mens 78.5 pts, Womens 0 pts.


Sunday, April 11, 2021
Ladies Breakaway: McKayla Jodie received a no time. 11th place Kyra Capitan roped her calf in 6.6 seconds. Received no points.
Steerwrestling: Matthew Jodie received a no time.
Team Roping: 14th place Matthew Jodie & Mckayla Jodie roped their steer quick, but Matthew broke the barrier 17.7 seconds (7.7 plus 10 for breaking the barrier). Received no points. Kyra Capitan and her partner received no time.
Total points: Mens 0 pts, Womens 0 pts.


NTU Men's team ended the year in 5th place.
NTU Women's team ended the year in 6th place.
In the Steerwrestling event, Matthew Jodie finished the year in 4th place.


At the end of the year, Top 3 in each event receives a ticket to go to Nationals. In the Steerwrestling, Matthew Jodie, was 94 points away from placing 3rd for the year end. NTU has always come so close on going to Nationals. One little mishap makes a big difference. We got to be ready to win on day 1. There isn't time to get caught up at the next rodeo. 10 rodeos and it's done. This past season we only had 9 rodeos, so it was even that more important to make each rodeo count. We got talented cowboys and cowgirls. We are just glad to compete and represent Navajo Technical University in the Rodeo World. Right now we are looking forward to next season.

NTU men and women rodeo team are traveling to Douglas, Arizona to compete at the Cochise College Rodeo. There will be three rodeos; one each day, April 9, 10 , and 11, 2021. Good luck to our team.

Good luck to our NTU Rodeo Team this weekend. They will be traveling to Payson, AZ to compete in the Grand Canyon Regional College Rodeo, March 26 – 28, 2021.

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